Sunday, February 9, 2014

Index of posts on Saor Uladh

 This is a round-up of material posted on Saor Uladh and its volunteers.

Liam Kelly, Sedition, and the Pomeroy Riots (updated)

Kelly in the Seanad

Connie Green and the Rosslea Raid:

Bonfires on the Border- Armistice Day 1956 (updated)

 Alo Hand

 Kevin Neville

 Frank Morris
(Apologies for the typos and format- This was an early piece of mine before I learned the value of proof-reading!)

They are something of a blank spot in republican history, known only through a few pages in books. I hope we can fill the gap a little bit. I've also been working on a biography of Liam Kelly, which is in the research stage. If anyone can to contribute to either subject, my e-mail is

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