Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kevin Neville- 50th Anniversary

 An article on the life of Kevin Keville from the "Rebel Cork's Fighting Story" blog, along with some wonderful pictures:

Some of his prison crafts:

A poem written about him:

Some photos from a small 50th Anniversary Commemoration at his grave. (Jim Lane in suit with sunglasses.)

(Thanks to the "Rebel Cork's Fighting Story" blog and FB page for ll 
the articles and pictures, excellent work. if anyone reading this
has known Kevin or can contribute, please do get in touch with them.

Photo: Hugh McAteer

Hugh McAteer, ex-chief of staff during the Northern Campaign and Sinn Fein candidate for Derry gives an election speech in the early 50's. (Source: Derry Journal)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Photo: Joe Christle and Jim Killeen

 Jim Killeen (front) and Joe Christle (rear) with Ras Tailtean champion Shay O'Hanlon.1962

 As well as being president of the National Cycling Association, Jim Killeen was one of Dublin's veteran republicans. He escaped Mountjoy in 25 and was adjutant general of the IRA from 1927-33. In the 30's he spent some time on hungerstrike for Political status in Crumlin Rd Gaol. He was brought by Joe Christle onto the Saor Uladh executive which coordinated the workings of Saor Uladh and the Christle Group. He is commemorated today by the NCA's "Jim Killeen Award" for "outstanding contribution to the sport".

Operation Harvest Timeline of Events

Taken from John, Maguire's book, "IRA Internments." GRMA 
to Mick Healy.