Sunday, June 30, 2013

Liam Walsh

Some great pictures and a good bit of info here on 50's vet Liam Walsh who was killed in 1970. Like most members of Saor Eire in Dublin, he was a member of the Christle Group and never reintegrated into the IRA. Some republican Dubs are currently collecting and recording their stories (see earlier post on Liam Sutcliffe) "On 13 October 1970 Saor Eire member Liam Walsh, a welder and fitter by trade and father of four, was killed in a premature explosion when himself and another member Martin Casey were planting a device at a railway line at the rear of McKee army base off Blackhorse Avenue in Dublin. Joining the Republican Movement in 1953, Walsh had been the commanding officer of the south Dublin unit of the IRA during the late 1950s and was interned for a time in the Curragh. He lived at 50 Tyrone Place, Inchicore and, at the time of his death, was awaiting trail on charge of taking part in an armed bank raid at Baltinglass in August 1969.

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    Video from the 1997
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