Friday, September 27, 2013

The End of the Campaign II - Afterwards

A lecture by Billy McMillan shortly before his death on the winding down of the Campaign (during which he was a prisoner in The Crum) and subsequent developments:‘the-role-of-the-ira-1962-1967’-by-liam-mcmillen-official-sinn-fein/

   And, as a compliment to the above, two issues of An-tOglach from the same period. An-tOglach was an underground paper meant only for the eyes of Volunteers, containing organizational news and notes on strategy and ideology. It was founded during the Tan War and was intermittently revived in each of the following decades with the same purpose.
    In 1967 it was revived by Dublin volunteers Sean Garland (Pearse Column O/c) and Mick Ryan (another Column commander and GHQ member). Compare with some of the bulletins and papers from the 50's posted earlier and one can see how quickly and how radically the Army was re-designing is politics and strategies.

The first re-issue in October of 67:–-offical-organ-of-the-irish-republican-army-no-1-c-1967/

December 67 issue, along with a wonderful article by Brian Hanley:

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