Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Sean South Material

 The Wolfe Tones Version of Sean South of Garryowen:

An upbeat version by Kevin Brennan and Gerry McCann:

Limerick Green, by Dominic Behan

And finally a youtube version of the Brookeborough section of the Sean Garland interview posted earlier:

Correction: Earlier I had posted South of Garryowen was written by Seamas O'Dufaigh; most however credit it to Sean Costello of Limerick. Either way it was published in the "Irish Catholic" a week after the event, not sure if either one wrote about how/why he wrote it. The usually unsung extra verse ("May God reward those gallant men/ May heaven be their home....") was added by Vol Patrick McManus (KIA- RIP).

Further reading:
Sean Cronin wrote a book aabout South and O'Hanlon entitled "They Kept Faith." There is also "Sean South of Garyowen" by Des Fogarty, the more or less definitive bio, and Mainchín Seoighe's Irish-language book Maraóidh Seán Sabhat Aréir (The Night Sean South Died)


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