Tuesday, February 25, 2014

POW List

 "The message from the jails has always been the same: 'Don't worry about us. We will meet the future with courage. Your job is to carry on.'" - Sean Cronin, "Resistance"

A POW list from the United Irishman, undated but most likely from late 55 or 56.

Cathal Goulding, Canning, and Stevenson (MacStoifain) were serving 8 year sentences for the Feldstead raid.

 Leo McCormick had been arrested for "possession of documents" but when the 56 campaign started the sentence was changed to internment.

Joe Campbell, a 40's man - possession of gelignite, later commuted to internment as above.

JP McCallum was arrested in Liverpool - possession of ammunition.

Kevin O'Rourke was charged with possession of a revolver, ammo, detonators, and explosives.

Hugh Brady was lifted with 13 others at an AOH hall. While all but Hugh and one other were released, he was charged with ownership of a 303 Lee Enfield. He later stood as a candidate.

The eight from Eamon Boyce to Liam Mulcahy were all arrested during or shortly after the Omagh raid. Most stood as candidates in the 57 election.

The three lifers were lifted after the Aborfield raid with some of the arms. Joe Doyle declared from the dock that "These arms were to be used against the British army of occupation in Ireland. We have no regret and do not apologize for our raid on Arborfield. Our only regret is that it was not a success."

Saoirse, January 05
"Resistance" Sean Cronin
The Secret Army, Bowyer Bell

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