Thursday, March 20, 2014

Arrests in Tyrone- 1957

 A newspaper report of an incident in Tyrone from 1957.

"On December 30, 1956, three men were captured in the Dunamore area of Co. Tyrone. They were John Kelly of Belfast, John Oliver Madden of Cork and David T. Lewsley of Lurgan, Co. Armagh. They were sentenced to eight years imprisonment each. Peter Monaghan of Dunamore, Co. Tyrone, was charged with aiding and abetting them and was sentenced to three years." -Sean Cronin, Resistance.

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  1. John Kelly escaped from the Crum a few years later with Donal Donally in one of the only successful escapes from there.

    Peter Monaghan later became the O/c of the Official IRA in Long Kesh and oversaw the protest burning of Cage 21 in 1974. He also wrote some very good poetry and songs, a couple of which are floating around online. He died in the early 90's.