Thursday, January 22, 2015

Laochra Uladh

 Laochra Uladh was a group, led by Brendan O'Boyle (Belfast) which began with high hopes of either seizing control of the IRA or forming a rival organization, but ultimately ended as a one man bombing campaign which cost O'Boyle his life in 1955.

The following is the best history of the group (gives a good picture of republican Belfast as well):

Saoirse article, under "Remembering the Past" on page 14:

For more information on O'Boyle's activities in the USA, see "The IRA" by Tim Pat Coogan.

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  1. I chose Laochra Uladh as the name of the blog not for any particular reason except that it sounded good. O'Boyle's story is a poignant, intruiging one, with a lesson we can learn from: what happened to him is more or less a version in miniature of many campaigns, and not just Irish republican ones.