Thursday, January 22, 2015

Richard Behal's War: Part 1

     "Richard Behal, in a hide-out near Dublin (Photo by Terrence Spencer/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)"

   In the early 1960's, Kerry volunteer Richard Behal led a series of raids in the South that included an attack on the power supply during Princess Margret's visit to Ireland, a damaging attack on the then-fastest British warship, and a daring escape from Limerick prison. In the process Behal ran afoul of the Free Staters, the British, and barely escaped the death penalty from the IRA itself.
   He tells his story in his own words here for the first time. Part Two to follow:

Article on the escape:

(The Brave Borderer- before Behal got to it)


  1. The photo of Richard Behal did not come up and I would like to see this image.

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  3. Sorry Mick seems to be a format problem (mobile device...) will try and get that sorted. It's on the Getty images site somewhere

  4. We will use the photo in Richard Behal part 2 and it should be up over the weekend.