Monday, May 13, 2013

Liam Sutcliffe- Soldier and Revolutionary

The saying goes "There are showhorses, and there are workhorses." There are the men who grab headlines, make statements, and are household names. Then there are the men who work behind the scenes, give a lifetime of service, and go nearly unknown. Liam Sutcliffe is one such volunteer. He was a spy in Gough Barracks, joined the Christle Group, blew up Nelson's Pillar, and continued working on his own well into the 70's. For the first time, this is his story told by the man himself. GRMA to Phil, Mick, and Bas for putting this together. They are currently finishing an interview with Dublin O/c Frank Keane

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  1. Liam Sutcliffe gives his own account of the people who were branded terrorists in their youth and what it was like to live through those turbulent times. ( Part Two)