Monday, May 6, 2013


"These are our people. One may be moved by the struggle of the Cypriots, the Algerians or the Hungarians. But these are OUR PEOPLE in Occupied Ireland who are fighting tyranny. Let us stand by them. It is a little thing to ask"- Sean Cronin
The above comes from the opening of "Resistance" - a book by Sean Cronin (under the pen name J McGarritty.) This wonderful manifesto was written in 1957 and details the beginning of "Operation Harvest," Republican history and ideals, and a plea to the population for support. As its closing line says,"It says all that need be said at this time about the struggle for freedom in Ireland to-day. The remaining chapters will be written in the years to come." Cronin's insightful explanation of Republican ideals and history would be expounded on later in his book "Irish Nationalism: a History of its Roots and Ideology." In all, a valuable document- many thanks to the CYM for putting it online.

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